Octopus Tentacle Sterling Silver Ring

Octopus Tentacle Sterling Silver Ring
Item# JEOCT-1

Product Description

Octopus Tentacle Sterling Silver Ring
This ring is made from a REAL Octopus tentacle which has drilled, carved, shaped and cast in Sterling Silver! This ring is definitely one of our favorites. We like it because it's versatile. It looks different from all angles when you spin it around your finger! It has a nice sexy flowing curve to it. The texture on it is amazing! And, it has all of those cute little suction cups flowing all around the ring! There is a nice weight and chunkiness to the piece. Oh, and the best part is that it's Sushi Grade! Ha ha ha! It looks great on both guys and gals!! Make sure to get yours at this special price!!

The finish is light oxidation with some added texture. The inside is finished with a near mirror finish for contrast. It is also available in dark oxidation and bright finish.

Since this is a split ring, the ring will look slightly different depending on what size you get. This one is a size 5 1/4. Note for sizes 7 1/4 plus, the beginning and end of this ring is more elongated than the one in the photo.

Measurements: Width: 9.7mm - 4mm (thickest to thinnest) Thickness: 5mm - 3.6mm (large top to small end) Most ring thickness: approx 4mm Height, inside and outside diameter will depend on the size you order