Octopus Choker Lariat Necklace - Oxidized

Octopus Choker Lariat Necklace - Oxidized
Item# JEOCT-2

Product Description

Octopus Choker Lariat Necklace - Oxidized
Oh man! This is a great piece! This Octopus Tentacle lariat is special! You can wear it two ways! Either you get the sexy octopus tentacle swaying when you wear it as a lariat or you can have it as a pendant with the curly tentacle hugging the ring. I'm a big fan of interchangeable things so you don't get bored, ya know? The designer has blackened the whole piece. It's distinct and dainty yet bold. There's something about the darkness of the chain that gives it that extra Ooomph! The tentacle has been brightened so you can see the beautiful detail of the hand hammer work on the piece. If you get to be the lucky owner of this piece, have fun with it!!! I guess you could even wear it as a bracelet if you choose to :)

Pendant: Oxidized sterling silver with bright high spots. Hand textured.

Height: 3/4 inch Width: 1/2 inch

Chain: 18" long flat cable chain